I finally made it to Houston on Sunday after a long trip and some fun stops along the way. Currently my time will be spend moving our furniture and other items from house to house to house. But my priority is to mix the CD. I have a lot to do with that and finally have a Pro Tools rig to use for the next month. Thank God!

It’s a little stressful knowing that I won’t have a permanent place to live for a while. I don’t even know where I’m going to be living come September. I have a lot to do in mixing the CD, searching for a job, mixing the CD, moving my stuff to a few places, trying to work and support myself, mixing the CD, and um, oh, mixing the CD. Oh, and did I mention how much work I will need to put into mixing the CD? Yeah, it’s going to be rough at times but that’s how I am doing it.

It’s a tradeoff being down here and away from seeing spiders all the time. Last night, I caught a nice big juicy Texas sized roach in the shower. So I ran hot water to kill it. Well, this morning that sucker is high and dry and alive and kickin’. “You wanna stay alive? I don’t think so!”, I thought. So I went to get the Raid and I had the last laugh. Nasty old roaches betta watch their backs! And I’m petrified of wasps so I won’t hesitate to do the same.