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on the road again

Back in Texas tomorrow! Almost everything is packed but I’ll have to make another trip back up here to get the rest. Shipping is costing a lot!! Oh well, I’m not paying for it!

Hello busy summer!



  1. :) Welcome back to Texas! Well… tomorrow anyway… we’ll have to get together soon! oh, and speaking of get-togethers… I’m having a Graduation party on May 25th… its a Sunday… and it’ll rage on all day (from 1pm ’till whenever)… oh, and I’ll be smoking our food on our barbeque smoker… last time I ended up smoking it for about 11 hours… mmmm…. brisket, ribs (pork and beef), sausage… mmm…. man, I’m gettin hungry just thinking about it! You comin’?????!? See you there… I’m confident your answer will be yes. 8)

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