I’m just not in the mood! I wanna write, I really do, but I need some time. Need to compose my thoughts.

I have been working a part time job. Yes, finally have a real part time job. I look forward to helping the company out because it’s such a nice group of people to work with. More details in the future.

God, it’s already March 10. It’s almost a month and a half since I returned from Germany. How does time move by so quickly? I wanna go back!!

The heat is creeping up on us. It’s been in the high 70s/low 80s for a few days now. And LA, once again, is starting to return to its SMOGGY, nasty state. Ug, woe are the days of hot summer smog.

My engine overheated while driving home from work yesterday. I’m going to the dealer as soon as possible to see if the radiator has a crack. If you know me, you realize that I have so little experience with cars that it’s almost sad. So, after talking to my car-expert uncle for a while, I realize that this might be an expensive repair if it’s the radiator. Ugh.