I am trying to test and see if this is outputted correctly on my index.php page. I don’t know what to expect because I just overhauled the comments and integrated them with my bulletin board for better management and easibility with trying to integrate my site more efficiency.

I wonder what’ll happen if I type a whole bunch of paragraphs and see what happens here. I’m probably just a few more days/weeks from getting this preliminary site up and running and taking down the other site. It’ll be exciting to see everything said and done once I’m finished because this new version will be much better than my current version.

We’ll see what happens when it happens. I need to first get all the bugs out of the bulletin boards and change the visual styles as well before anything else.

Okay, I’m going to push return and see if this is long enough to fill up the whole page or most of the page just to see what happens. Oh yeah, and I need to make sure that the cellspacing is even.