I turn 27 on Sunday.

27 feels like 19. You’re not yet 20, but you’re past 18. 27 means I’m not yet 30 but I’m farther from 25.

26 has been rather bland. 25 was excellent. 24 was ok. 23 rocked. and 22 was not very fun.

I expect 28 to be better than 27, but it’s very possible that the end of 27 will be huge for me.

I think the best and worst year I ever went through was 19. It started out absolutely amazingly. It ended rather sour and depressing. Still, best summer ever.

I wonder where I’ll be at 30? I hope I don’t have to know for 3 more years. . .

Oh wait.
I guess I won’t.

But, as I close 26, I wonder what 27 has to bring to me. I don’t expect too much for the first three quarters of 27, but I’m expecting huge things for the last quarter.

I’m over half way to 50.

I’m also mostly to 40.

. . . I’m getting old.