good times in Vegas

The Bellagio

Las Vegas is such a cool city! I can’t wait to go back, though I’m sure it’ll be a while. I did exactly what I planned on doing and a little more. It was a welcome break from everything, one I wish I could extend. But back to the real world of making money.

Photos of Vegas coming soon.

Oh, and I went to a Lakers game for Easter. I will have a few semi-blurry photos of a couple of celebs and other photos of players as soon as I can manage to make the time.

Vegas, baby!

I’ve been planning this for over a month and I can’t believe it’s already here. I’m going to Las Vegas on Sunday for a few days since my brother and sister-in-law are going to be there! Don’t know if I’ll do much or any gambling, but definitely going to check out the town for some nice photo ops. I hope I can find a night spot to get a good photograph of the strip. It would also rock to see some celebs, though I am not expecting anything along those lines. Two definite things: going to see the Hoover Dam again and going to do a drive by of the life size Simpsons house to see if it’s even in good condition.

I’ve gotta figure out between now and Sunday where to go for some photographs. Also, I’m really considering stopping by Death Valley on the way back from Vegas because it’s supposedly extremely beautiful with all of the flowers from a ton of rain. I really wish I had a friend to take with me cause this is so much to do by myself. Oh well… whatever.

CSS based design

I am officially hooked! I don’t know when it happened, but I am so in love with web standards. Or obsessed. Or I have been smitten. Not sure which, if not all of these, really describes me best. Either way, web standards are the best thing to happen to the Internet since graphical designs became available.

Web Standards

two things

I am so tempted to buy a ticket to this. If only I could talk myself into it, it would be an opportunity of a lifetime to see the actors of Family Guy read a script live!

Aside from my huge desire to go to that, I’m hoping to get some tickets to the House of Blues to see Eisley in concert. Eisley’s debut album is pretty sweet. If I listen to it enough and like it, it will probably appear on the sidebar as a groovy CD.

I wish I knew more people who were as fanatic about Family Guy as I am. It gets old doing everything by myself, but paying a lot of money to see the Family Guy reading just isn’t worth it by myself, or at least I keep telling myself that. If I went, I’d probably try to bring a camera in there with me and take some cool photos!

Anyway, those are two things I want to do. Anyone in LA reading this??

new job!

My 2nd week on the job, and it’s going very well! I started a new job last Tuesday in Hollywood. I work for a company which sells gift baskets to the Hollywood/LA area and it’s such a great place to work! Although I hold no official title, I work on web design, programming for different medias and database entry and coding.

This is only a part time job, doesn’t offer the essential benefits I so sorely need, but it’s a great start. I will now have the means to begin to support myself as well as saving for the future. I can also continue to train myself for future web projects and prepare for more web design work. Once we make some changes to the website, I will probably plug the website on here. But until that time, I shall let it remain anonymous.

So what does this mean for me? That I’ve gotta take this seriously, work the hours that I need and start to figure out how to hold up for the future. I’m not giving up on the music, that’s why I moved out here. But at the moment, at this period of time, it’s just not viable for me to pursue anything else. I think it’s important to take advantage of opportunities presented to you, and this was definitely something I needed to pursue.

So why has the music thing not worked out? There are many reasons, some of which are my fault. I was not persistent enough, not contacting those in the industry to find some work as much as I should have. I did not follow up, try to network with other people enough. I spent most of my time doing other things that kept my interest. And I have not consistently been around the area, taking many trips to Texas, Colorado and Germany in the past few months. These reasons are all my accountability for my situation. And I have no regrets (especially Germany!). The main reasons, in my opinion, for my lack of jobs in the music industry is because of bad timing, not knowing the right people at the right time, and just not being in the right situation. Timing and networking are extremely important in the entertainment industry. Talent counts for like 5-10%. Looks are about 10-15%. And timing and networking are the rest. It’s sad, but true.

So now I look forward to this new time as I adjust, as I figure out my next moves. It’s not always the easiest way to live life but I’m used to it now. Hopefully things will change but if it stays this way a while, I won’t complain too much.

that and this

I’m just not in the mood! I wanna write, I really do, but I need some time. Need to compose my thoughts.

I have been working a part time job. Yes, finally have a real part time job. I look forward to helping the company out because it’s such a nice group of people to work with. More details in the future.

God, it’s already March 10. It’s almost a month and a half since I returned from Germany. How does time move by so quickly? I wanna go back!!

The heat is creeping up on us. It’s been in the high 70s/low 80s for a few days now. And LA, once again, is starting to return to its SMOGGY, nasty state. Ug, woe are the days of hot summer smog.

My engine overheated while driving home from work yesterday. I’m going to the dealer as soon as possible to see if the radiator has a crack. If you know me, you realize that I have so little experience with cars that it’s almost sad. So, after talking to my car-expert uncle for a while, I realize that this might be an expensive repair if it’s the radiator. Ugh.

sunny afternoon drive

the windmill farm at Palm Springs
I wish I had something cool to say, something to let you know, but nothing. I went to photograph the above, something I’ve put off for a year, but it turned out to be a really short trip because the sun was on the wrong side of the earth. Hopefully in the near future, I can make another trip to Palm Springs during the morning hours and get some really cool photos. It’d also help to have a truck with thick tires where all the dirt roads are.

I would put up a gallery for the photos, but there really aren’t many worth posting. Well, maybe I will but not right now.

It was a beautiful day when I went to drive to see the windmill farm. I could have seriously used a day at the beach with a friend, but I did not know of anyone who could go. Maybe I can get that done later this week.

That’s all I wanna say now. Nothing else is really that entertaining.


Feeling uninspired.
Contemplating the future.
Pondering the past.
Love to breathe.
Excited for life.
Where has time gone?
Have I lost or is it just a break?
Geez, already?
Can’t wait.
Another roadtrip.
More friends.
Enjoy life.
Stop doddling.
Accomplish this task.
Stop delaying.
Need inspiration.
Have motivation.
Find discipline.
Wanting to go.
How to move?
Believe in the future.
So much to come.

One year anniversary

I’ve been in Los Angeles for exactly a year today…

filling my time

Monterey is so beautiful! Wanna see how beautiful it was this past weekend?
Monterey beach during a beautiful day
This was my day on Saturday!