I am so tempted to buy a ticket to this. If only I could talk myself into it, it would be an opportunity of a lifetime to see the actors of Family Guy read a script live!

Aside from my huge desire to go to that, I’m hoping to get some tickets to the House of Blues to see Eisley in concert. Eisley’s debut album is pretty sweet. If I listen to it enough and like it, it will probably appear on the sidebar as a groovy CD.

I wish I knew more people who were as fanatic about Family Guy as I am. It gets old doing everything by myself, but paying a lot of money to see the Family Guy reading just isn’t worth it by myself, or at least I keep telling myself that. If I went, I’d probably try to bring a camera in there with me and take some cool photos!

Anyway, those are two things I want to do. Anyone in LA reading this??