how to really earn good interest

Ever since I started a real job, I’ve managed to save a lot of my money. I’ve started a Roth IRA, a high interest savings account, and I contribute to my company’s 401k match. I live in generation impulse and we tend to go with the flow. “If it feels good, go for it.” “Why save when you can have fun now?” “I’ll die before I even see my savings so why bother?”

So how have I managed to get all of these started? It took a lot of patience and sacrifice. I wish I could pass on my will to others my age because it’s sad to see so many people suffer for things they don’t need to. But we all learn in our own ways.

For those of you who want a better savings account, I can help you get $25 just for signing up with ING Direct. Stop using your bank’s savings account and start using one with high interest like ING Direct (4.5% APY). You’ll thank me in January.

resolution for 2007

I don’t make resolutions because they’re silly. Good intentions and great in theory, but usually bad in practice. However, my one and only resolution I think I’m willing to commit to is that I want to travel out of country again this year. Anyone up for a good time?

my mail was stolen

This isn’t a good way to start the new year. I had a couple of checks in the mail for me too, so now I must get these people to resend them. I hate losers who are desperate enough to break into mailboxes.

Having called my banks and credit companies, it seems that putting my card on fraud alert is either costly or timely. It’s costly because with one account I must actually activate a service which requires a fee. I’d rather check my online statement very actively to watch for fraudulent charges than pay a fee that I could cover myself.

It’s timely because two of the customer numbers require you to call other service centers, some of which don’t operate at this hour. So inconvenient if something fraudulent happened without me knowing!

Whoever these bastards are, they’ve been reported to the police and USPS and if they try anything stupid on me, I’m gonna track their asses down and get them thrown in jail.

laptops for sale

Inspiron 9300 – $1100
Dell Inspiron 9300

* Intel Pentium M Dothan 730 (1.6GHz, 533MHz FSB)
* 1.5GB (1GBx1, 512MBx1) DDR2 ram at 533MHz
* PCIExpress x16 – Nvidia Go 6800 256MB
* 60GB hard drive 7200RPM
* 17 inch UltraSharp Wide Screen UXGA with TrueLife (1900×1200 – Glossy)
* Dell 1450 dual band internal wireless solution (802.11a/b/g) + TrueMobile 350 Bluetooth
* Gigabit Ethernet LAN
* 8x DVD+/-RW
* Windows XP Home
* 2 6-cell 53watt/hour batteries
* 90W AC power supply
* ~7.5 pounds
* One FireWire 400 (IEEE 1394)
* Six USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus) compliant 4-pin connectors
* SD Memory Reader
* Video: 15-pin monitor connector
* Digital Video Interface (DVI)
* S-Video: 7-pin mini-DIN connector
* Audio jacks: Stereo headphones/speakers miniconnector (same as line-out), microphone miniconnector
* (ADDITIONAL) 6 port plug powerstrip
* (ADDITIONAL) USB TV adapter (You can watch TV on this laptop!!!)
* original Box

* Windows XP Home Edition
* All original disks that came with computer
* WordPerfect Office 12
* WinDVD
* Dell Jukebox – Easy-to-use music player and CD burning software
* Dell Media Experience
* Paint ShopTM Studio® Trial plus Photo AlbumTM Starter Edition
* Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 6.0
* Just under 450 days left on warranty

craigslist laptop scams

I listed two laptops for sale on Craigslist this weekend. Ecstatically, I received two responses for each listing in quick time! So, after replying to the initial interest emails, I noticed that both are asking for me to go about similar procedures to sell my laptop.

Response 1:

Am buying it as a gift brithday for my uncle who happen to be a Rev. Father …i am located in castlemaine trail birmingham,Alabama,United State. And i should have come to pick it up but deal to my job that will not be possible.. I work as USPS agent…so i will be prepare to make the payment through (United State Postal Money Order) because it is very safe and secure for both of us cos i dont want any confusion or any fraudulent activity to dwell in this transaction .

You can attach the pics of the item for me to see,Am a deaf person so if
you want me to call i will not be able to do that …Therefore i am expecting your (name,address,zipcode,city,state. with your phone number) so that i can know where the money order should be send to, Since the item is still in good
condition, i will offer you $2,335 and $50 to repackage the item, As for the shipping i will handle that myself cos my fiance is working at the fedEx shipping company so he will help me for the shipping… Get back to me if you
are satisfied with this

Response 2:

Am fully okay with the condition of the items ….Am located at Texas …..Well, i will let you to know that am sending this packaged to my Son in College with my Grandmother at NG means North Georgia…Okay I will paying you through Alertpay International Payment , all i just need from you is where you want the money to be deliver to you your Full name , address ,zipcode…Okay If you will accpet my offer , I will be offering you $1,400 for the item so that we can end auction .

Payment confirmation receipt will be sent to you that my payment has been appproved to you ….So , immediately that it clear with you and alertpay ….I will send you the shipping documents for the shipping ….

For the shipping i will be hanlded the shipping with my personal account with fedex .I will send you the shipping slip so you don’t need to worried about the shipping i will handled it by myself…Okay
I Shall wait for your reply
Phone Number: 949 -287 -4867

Here are the similarities between the two responses:

  • Both are out of state.
  • Both are offering more than I listed, even though this isn’t an auction.
  • Both use poor grammar and type seem rushed.
  • Both are HTML emails.
  • Both are using sketchy methods of payment, such as USP Money Order or Alterpay International Payment
  • Both will handle shipping through Fed-Ex with their own accounts
  • Both emails are sent through Yahoo.
  • Both emails are in similar formats, such as
  • Both claim to be in different states, one in Texas and one in Alabama, but are sent from strikingly similar IP addresses: and which from a tracert are from yahoo webmail

These are very interesting similarities and I’m surprised it’s so common still. But, I guess plenty of people fall for it. Initially, it seems safe and legit. I’m glad I’m smart enough to know better and Craigslist even lists what you should avoid in its scam page.

List of others who get similar results:

OS X annoyances

Having spent the majority of my personal computing life on Windows PCs, I am now using a Mac G5 at work and my brand new Macbook Pro at home. OS X has many great features that I’d love to see in Windows.

Despite OS X’s positives, I still have a lot of problems of quirks and drawbacks that dissuade me from completely switching. Here’s my list of the top OS X problems.