So you’re sitting in the the theater watching the latest film which interests you. Everyone is enjoying themselves and the movie is great. All of a sudden, to your annoyance, a cell phone rings. Some irresponsible person didn’t turn his cell phone off. In fact, he’s gaudy enough to answer and talk to the person on the other line like no one is around. Come on!!

Just the other day, you were in line buying your groceries at your local supermarket. The lines were long and you had no choice but to wait. Ugh. Well, just then, someone’s cell phone rings and he starts chatting loud enough for everyone around to hear. He or she starts chatting about his or her love life, saying inappropriate comments that make you feel uncomfortable, especially in public. You don’t know how to politely ask him or her to just wait until he or she is in his or her car. Dang!

Well, brought to my attention from brilliant web designer Jeffery Zeldman, you can finally take some kind of control or at least make the initiative! It’s time to buy some thick 40lb paper so that you can print out your own shut the hell up business cards! It’s fast, it’s easy, and best of all it’s free! No more will you have to just sit there and take it. It’s time to stand up and be heard, quietly!