What a lazy weekend. I have barely done a thing, and there’s so much to do. But, I’m not totally upset. I’m sorta treasuring this downtime because it doesn’t come too often. It’s been raining non-stop in LA since about Thursday night. Yes, you read correctly. I can honestly say that even Houston doesn’t experience this kind of longevity all that often. But, I’m not complaining either. It’s been nice to just sit around, watch movies, play on the Internet, and catch up with old friends. I did have to drive through some really heavy wind and rain on Saturday evening and that was NOT fun. It was really strange, too, because as many times as I’ve driven these freeways for one reason or another, I couldn’t even see past 10 feet in front of my car it was coming down so hard at one point. You would never expect this kind of weather here. But, I think it’s probably a much needed rainfall knowing how little it had rained before winter season started.

I feel so bad for the Astros. It looks like they’re losing a reeeeally good thing in Carlos Beltran. I was so hoping somehow he would be back, but darn him for wanting so much money. Now they have to convince Roger Clemens to make it back, but I’m pretty doubtful at his return. And now that I’m living in LA, might I ask what the heck the Dodgers are thinking in trading away just about every star player who was on their roster? Shawn Green and Adrian Beltre? Come on, I know Green is 32, but he’s really good. I just hope that the Astros doesn’t give away Craig Biggio for some reason. I’m alright with them letting go of Jeff Kent, but I’m starting to worry for their future without Beltran.

I must also add, now, that I’m officially rooting for the Colts for this year’s Superbowl. Peyton has impressed me enough that I think he just needs to go all the way. So, starting right now, Go Colts!

Do you know what’s the best, more versatile fruit for you? At least, in my opinion, that fruit is called the blueberry. It’s not that cheap, not like apples are, but gosh darn it, they are soooo good. They can put in just about every meal and they’re super rich in antioxidants, those superheros which fight the evil free radicals floating around in your body. So what are you waiting for? Go buy and eat more blueberries!!

I decided to donate a nice little sum of money to aid the effort for Tsunami relief. I have waaaay overspent this past couple of months for one reason or another and will be suffering financially because of it, but I believe my money really has much better use over there than it does here. It’s been a while since I’ve given my money to a good cause and I believe this was probably the best cause out there right now. Anything to help those suffering across the world. Part of me even has thought about wanting to fly out there and help. A little part of me. Probably not big enough to actually do anything about it. But at least I have given money.