Remember when I was talking about switching over my plan to a better plan? Well, as of this evening, I have everything I had before and as well as a bunch more. Let me break this down to you as it is.

$30 $40/month
$10 4G tax
500 Anytime Minutes
150 Additional Courteous Anytime
National Roaming and Free Long Distance in America
Unlimited Nights and Weekends at 7pm 6pm as of 07/06/09
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
Unlimited Data & Internet (yes, even in the middle of nowhere!)
Unlimited 100 SMS as of 05/23/07
Unlimited Picture Mail as of 09/06/11
First Incoming Minute for Free
Pick 3 as of 4/15/08

So what does it take to get this kind of plan? Patience and Persistence. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years. I forked over big money for my previous phone, which is the PPC-6700. But, if I’m fortunate, I will have this phone for the same amount of time I had my other phone. About 4-5 years (I only had it for 3 years :) )

But to get everything I got, I found an exceptional deal from an employee and then called over and over and worked over the customer reps so that the right people finally gave me what I asked for. Now that I have this, I could try to push my luck and get more but there’s no reason for that right now. I have everything I want and will be satisfied for the term of my contract for the next two years!

I am not sure if it’s possible to get this kind of plan with all carriers but if you ever find a deal that seems too good to be true, take it. And then be persistent about getting extras. Why should you settle for less than it’s possible to get exactly what you want?