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Author Micah Cambre

best phone plan ever!


Remember when I was talking about switching over my plan to a better plan? Well, as of this evening, I have everything I had before and as well as a bunch more. Let me break this down to you as it is.

$30 $40/month
$10 4G tax
500 Anytime Minutes
150 Additional Courteous Anytime
National Roaming and Free Long Distance in America
Unlimited Nights and Weekends at 7pm 6pm as of 07/06/09
Unlimited Mobile to Mobile
Unlimited Data & Internet (yes, even in the middle of nowhere!)
Unlimited 100 SMS as of 05/23/07
Unlimited Picture Mail as of 09/06/11
First Incoming Minute for Free
Pick 3 as of 4/15/08

So what does it take to get this kind of plan? Patience and Persistence. I’ve been a customer for over 5 years. I forked over big money for my previous phone, which is the PPC-6700. But, if I’m fortunate, I will have this phone for the same amount of time I had my other phone. About 4-5 years (I only had it for 3 years :) )

But to get everything I got, I found an exceptional deal from an employee and then called over and over and worked over the customer reps so that the right people finally gave me what I asked for. Now that I have this, I could try to push my luck and get more but there’s no reason for that right now. I have everything I want and will be satisfied for the term of my contract for the next two years!

I am not sure if it’s possible to get this kind of plan with all carriers but if you ever find a deal that seems too good to be true, take it. And then be persistent about getting extras. Why should you settle for less than it’s possible to get exactly what you want?

new phone

Dear Friends,

Please call me soon. I have a new phone and must enter your digits into it. I will go into detail about my plan after January 28 when my new plan kicks in, but let’s just say I got almost exactly what I wanted…


limited cellular service

So my cell phone has almost finally taken its last breath. My phone charger is dead, and hopefully i have a duplicate at home otherwise this phone is useless. And I won’t be able to get to it until this weekend so if you try to call me and can’t get through, this is the reason.

I am working on/with Sprint to get a new package deal but am trying not to lose certain features and gain access to others. Getting exactly what you want is not an easy task unless you know the right people or talk to the right reps. Sprint has been notorious for giving out insane plans to customers and that’s why I won’t switch to other providers.

Here’s what I’m shooting for:

500 anytime minutes
unlimited weekend/nights at 8pm
unlimited mobile to mobile
unlimted email and IM – AOL;MSN
unlimited Picture Mail
Unlimted web access
free nationwide long distance
First Incoming Minute Free
50-100 Text Messages

This would basically be paradise for me right now. But unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get the 8pm (although I can get 7pm for an extra $5) and no text messages or FIMF either. Everything else is included in this one plan that I know about. I’m crossing my fingers that something awesome will work out!

how my technology habits are changing

Five years ago, I owned a Pentium II 400MHz with 128MB RAM. Today, I own a Pentium IV 2.6GHz with 1GB RAM and a laptop with Pentium M 2.1GHz and 1.5GB RAM. Five years ago I had a huge 4GB hard drive. Today, I own five 120GB hard drives and a 160GB hard drive. Five years ago, I used a CD player for all my music needs. Today, I own an iPod and listen to everything on my computer. Five years ago, I was increasingly making my own CD mixes for my entertainment. Today, I download almost everything I want and have CDs and DVDs that I bought over a year ago just sitting around.

Times have changed. Every year comes out new technology, and every year I make at least one big technological change. In July of 2000, I bought a Qualcomm 2760 from Radio Shack and signed up for Sprint PCS. I wasn’t sure if I’d have the phone for more than a year since I could barely afford the monthly payments. But, as time went on and I used the phone more, I realized my needs had changed and using a cell phone was a necessity. To this day, I still use a Qualcomm 2760. Not the same exact phone I bought 5 years ago (I had to give it up last year because it was just falling apart) but one I bought off eBay last year for $15. But, I think the time has finally come that I need to spend the big bucks to upgrade. I can’t receive normal text messages. I can’t go online. I can’t turn my phone to vibrate. My battery life is only about an hour, if even that.

There comes a time when you have to realize and give in to the technology that overwhelms your life, and my time has come. I think my biggest fear about this change is that when I get the new phone I’ll be tempted to pay extra money for text messaging service, and possibly even Internet. Which raises my monthly bills. I already pay lots of money for other things, but the fact that I am so dependent on a cellular phone is scary. It’s my only means of vocal communication to the outside world which is not a PC. I do not directly pay for a landline and have no plans to anytime soon.

And now, I shall show you my lust.


This beast allows you to do anything and everything. Not only can you connect to the phone network, you can take this phone and surf this web on your home wi-fi connection, just like a laptop! It has just about any feature I’ve ever wanted in a phone. Except for the price. It’s about $600. I’m almost willing to make that purchase because I know I’ll make it last for years. And I’m not willing to go with a cheaper phone with less features.

Merry Christmas to me… :o)

texting, texting . . . 1, 2, 3

I had no idea until a few weeks ago that I have text messaging. I can’t send, but I can receive. So, if you have text messaging ability, send me a message at here:


Obviously, I’m not going to announce my phone number on here but if you know it, send me a message! If you want it, e-mail me and I’ll give it to you.

If you know of other people who might want to e-mail others via the Internet, here’s what you need to know.

Virgin Mobile:

phonenumber = 10 digit number

Send me some love!