So my cell phone has almost finally taken its last breath. My phone charger is dead, and hopefully i have a duplicate at home otherwise this phone is useless. And I won’t be able to get to it until this weekend so if you try to call me and can’t get through, this is the reason.

I am working on/with Sprint to get a new package deal but am trying not to lose certain features and gain access to others. Getting exactly what you want is not an easy task unless you know the right people or talk to the right reps. Sprint has been notorious for giving out insane plans to customers and that’s why I won’t switch to other providers.

Here’s what I’m shooting for:

500 anytime minutes
unlimited weekend/nights at 8pm
unlimited mobile to mobile
unlimted email and IM – AOL;MSN
unlimited Picture Mail
Unlimted web access
free nationwide long distance
First Incoming Minute Free
50-100 Text Messages

This would basically be paradise for me right now. But unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll get the 8pm (although I can get 7pm for an extra $5) and no text messages or FIMF either. Everything else is included in this one plan that I know about. I’m crossing my fingers that something awesome will work out!