There is a reason my website has been rather inactive for the past month. Since I flew back from Houston in April, I’ve had to deal with way too much for my own good. My home life became very unsettling and it blew up a week and a half ago.

On that day, my roommate approached me to let me know I had 4 weeks to find another place to live. I was expecting it because he and I were just not getting along at all. I wasn’t very social with him and being in that house was such a downer. Most of the time that I was there this past month, we would both be on our computers and rarely strike up a conversation. It’s difficult to live with someone when you rarely talk to them.

So that I don’t start more rumors, the situation became serious and life threatening. Thus, I began moving this past Thursday and finished on Friday. I am now in a house about 10 minutes from where I was and it’s a MUCH better environment for me. I live with three other guys, one of which I still haven’t met. However, the other two are very nice and it’s peaceful and I can actually see the sun from inside the house. If I go outside at night, I can see all the lights from the San Fernando Valley. It’s a gorgeous view especially for me since I love looking at lights.

Now I will use this weekend to resettle my belongings into this new house. Unfortunately for me, this is a temporary place and I’ll have to move by the end of summer, but it is still much better than my last place.

Next week begins my busy summer. I will be working 6 days in a row for almost the rest of the summer with either my internship or job so I’ll spend less time on this and more time trying to get myself somewhere. I still have hopes to get some of my photos on here but I never can find the right software to make that happen. As well, there are other things I hope to do but we’ll see how that all works out.