This week marks a new beginning. I have formally started work with real estate and new business partners. I am going into rental properties with some friends of mine, who have formed a corporation. Finding a 9-5 job seems hopeless right now and the money seems to be in owning business rather than working for one.

We have huge ambitions such as owning rental houses up to financing businesses to opening larger businesses. This’ll probably take a lot of time and money but this seems like a better venture for me than trying to work a corporate job somewhere.

Our first problem to overcome, just as with any business, is finding money. I’ll most likely have to take a job that pays a steady income so that I can start affording to live and helping the business with whatever amount it needs. Hopefully in the near future we will be able to find some backers who can donate some money for us to use.

So I guess we’ll see what happens with this as time progresses. As with any business, it could go belly up in a year because of rising interest rates and depreciating house costs. However, I doubt that’ll be the reason for bad business. As long as we’re persistant and continue to fight any battles such as interest rates and depreciation, we should be fine.