There will come a point in time when I’m going to make an extended stay to one of my favorite cities, New York City, during the month of December. I am also going to do the same during the fall foliage peak. There are so many photos that I’d just love to take, including the New England states and Maine during the same times. The more I learn about photography, the more interested I become. I should probably take some classes in the near future to better understand the technical terms that I don’t know.

Although the United States and the rest of the world scored big by catching Saddam, I feel sorry for the media. Why feel so sorry? Well, my first thought after hearing the news concerned one of my favorite TV shows. I’m sure that the next morning when the actors at Saturday Night Live woke up, they were just heartbroken that they won’t be back on the air until January! It’s these kinds of stories that make shows like SNL that much better in my opinion. Then the publications such as news magazines and papers couldn’t print anything big until the next cycle whether that be a day or week.

Here’s to hoping that we discover some life threatening WMD as well as Osama