I’ve been doing absolutely nothing else for the past few days, since about Friday, except for coding and getting this new site ready for the big switch over. And it’s finally here!!

There are many changes from my end but not too many visible changes on your end. It should look relatively the same, but hopefully a LOT more clean. I have added a few things and will continue to add a lot more stuff in the future. The photo gallery is down for now until I can figure out a way to get a new one up.

It’s been a lot of fun and there’s so much more to come! I hope to have many more new photos, entries, side comments, etc. etc. as I continue to *blog*. If you see something one day and it looks different the next, it’s because I’m changing so that it looks better. Hope this is to your liking!

Just a few comments about everything.. My comment system is down with this new look, meaning you can’t directly access it like you have been able to before. You’ll have to go to the community forum and leave comments in the new “blog comments” section until I can once again hook them back up to the comments page. Please be sure to register because it’s a great way for me to keep track of you and know who visits my site!

There are a few reasons why I might not have your website link on my page. One, because I don’t know and two because it’s not a regular site I visit. I won’t link to everything I see but to those sites which interest me. However, if you want please feel free to link to my website!

If you see some errors on any of the pages or know a better way of coding something, please let me know asap so I can correct it. I’m sure through everything I’ve done there’s gotta be a few errors.

Let me know what you think and I promise I’ll try to get some LA pics up ASAP!! See ya soon.