digital miracle

When mixing the song “Come Fall On Us”, I combined two different performances and made them one. Trying to determine where the pasted line is, after hours of editing, is virtually impossible. It sounds like the same song beginning to end. The reason I did this is because I think the first performance was a little better than the second. The second recording started out a little messy compared to the first one. So the first 30 seconds of the mix I’m making is one recording and the rest is the other recording.

I love Pro Tools! I still don’t like Macs as much but if I want to have a good copy of Pro Tools, I’m gonna have to buy me a copy. D’oh!

A week from Wednesday, I have to completely be moved out of the house I’m in. What a drag and stress-filled time as I’m trying to figure out how to get everything done, mix my CD, make some money and have a social life at the same time.

OH, big news. I checked my grades and they’re out! After much slaving and nervousness, I found out that I . . . . . . . . passed! I made a 3.6 for the semester and a 3.5 overall! This 3.5 doesn’t really take in the previous school’s grades in account from what I know. I could be completely wrong though. Anyway, that’s pretty refreshing. I’m glad that everything worked out.

Should I send out graduation announcements? Send me a note and let me know if I should. And I have to be honest. As exciting as it is to be an alumni of a school now, I’d mainly be sending out announcements as a way to get gifts!

I need to get back to life. Until next time…

raise your hand if you’ve been to a professional home studio.

Now put your hand down unless the owner of that studio mastered some Caedmon’s Call CDs.

Now put your hand down unless the owner of that studio has a gold record for a Jimi Hendrix record and won two grammys.

. . . What? Still a hand up? Hey now, I didn’t say to raise your hand because you’re the *Master of the Universe*! (Waving my finger at you. . .) Put those hands down, He-man!

I spent a few hours last night at a home studio watching and listening to Wayne Kerr’s new CD being mixed. It was a nice time and cool listening to what shall be released. I highly recommend that if you’re in town on June 7 and 8 to go to the CD release party in Galveston. See Wayne’s website for more details.

Time to continue being a productive citizen of the United States.

O Brother, where art Thou? In Houston . . .

I finally made it to Houston on Sunday after a long trip and some fun stops along the way. Currently my time will be spend moving our furniture and other items from house to house to house. But my priority is to mix the CD. I have a lot to do with that and finally have a Pro Tools rig to use for the next month. Thank God!

It’s a little stressful knowing that I won’t have a permanent place to live for a while. I don’t even know where I’m going to be living come September. I have a lot to do in mixing the CD, searching for a job, mixing the CD, moving my stuff to a few places, trying to work and support myself, mixing the CD, and um, oh, mixing the CD. Oh, and did I mention how much work I will need to put into mixing the CD? Yeah, it’s going to be rough at times but that’s how I am doing it.

It’s a tradeoff being down here and away from seeing spiders all the time. Last night, I caught a nice big juicy Texas sized roach in the shower. So I ran hot water to kill it. Well, this morning that sucker is high and dry and alive and kickin’. “You wanna stay alive? I don’t think so!”, I thought. So I went to get the Raid and I had the last laugh. Nasty old roaches betta watch their backs! And I’m petrified of wasps so I won’t hesitate to do the same.

on the road again

Back in Texas tomorrow! Almost everything is packed but I’ll have to make another trip back up here to get the rest. Shipping is costing a lot!! Oh well, I’m not paying for it!

Hello busy summer!





God, I am so busy

In the meantime, think about chocolate.

perfect timing for no power

I am at school right now. I wasn’t originally planning on being at school right now but I don’t have much of a choice either. Our power is out AGAIN.

This morning I woke up around 5am a few times during the hour. Somehow when the power goes out, I wake up. Probably because my computer suddenly shuts off and I hear my phone shut off with a few beeps. This power outage happened a few times between that hour. So I went to unplug my phone and so the beeping wouldn’t wake me up. Sometime after I fell back asleep, the power went down again and never came back on. I woke up this afternoon to no power. Flashback to spring break when we had our blizzard. Not only was it a repeat of the power shutting off but there was also about 3 inches or more of snow on the ground. And there still is but I think the has decided to show itself.

This is a horrible weekend for there to be no power. I have a paper, a notebook, a project, some tests to study for, and most of it requires that I use my computer. And I need to try to start packing as well to get out of here by Thursday.

I keep living another year of life

What’s to reflect on this my 24th year of life? Well, graduation faces me and it’s amazing it took so long but now I sorta wish I had the money to make it last a little longer. Why? Because there’s so much else I’d like to learn. I can’t stand the classroom thing, sitting to hear a lecture, but I need a lot more hands on practice and education. A master’s degree isn’t around the corner but it’d be a good way to procrastinate my pending future. I say pending because of it’s uncertainty.

I wish I could go back to 21 and just stay there. 22 sucked. 23 was much better. But now I’m 24 and I have to stay here for a while. I don’t wanna be 24, but my philosophy is don’t judge something until you’ve given it 100%. So I will have to give this age a year to judge how I like or dislike it. Because of the huge transitions I face this year, I expect 24 to be very different than most of my other years of life. 18 wasn’t a big deal because I only moved from Houston to Dallas for college. Moving back to Texas from two years in Colorado will definitely be another adjustment, especially since my dad’s moving to Texarkana and getting married. I plan to stay in Houston at least until the end of summer. I have one job perspective with a church in Friendswood but that’s not a sure thing yet either.

I’m glad that most of 23 was learning how to be a legitimate mixing engineer in the live setting. It prepared me technically to do many other things. Part of me loves knowing how to do this kind of thing and I could definitely settle in a position with a good band doing this for a while, but another part of me now wants to take what I know technically and use it musically. I sorta miss playing publically. Being in a band is much different than running sound for a band for so many reasons. But it’s definitely been a great thing running the sound because of the fact I’m producing the first CD UCF has ever seen. Maybe starting a tradition, maybe not. It would be pretty dang cool if they asked me to do it again next year for some reason, but I’m surely not counting on it.

Well, welcome 24th year of my life.

i need to get to sleep, but . . .

I decided to change my picture. I took this picture at our last rehersal. I like how it came out. I won’t keep the picture up for too long but possibly for a few weeks. I need to give the worship team a copy of them.

I finally got something done for my senior seminar. Yay!

patiently waiting

I finally received the final transfer of the files. I bring them to my session here at school and what happens?… I can’t load them up. So I’m now having to format and transfer files from a PC hard drive to a Mac hard drive.

There’s a big lesson here to be learned. PCs and Macs need to communicate better. Not only that, but Pro Tools needs to be more PC friendly. I don’t care if there’s a Mac enthusiast who disagrees, the world would be a better place if we’d all just get along (force compatibility with each other in some form). Since I haven’t written all the details about what has happened, I’ll just say be more skeptical about things that appear to be easy. I’ve spent almost half a month trying to get one thing to work and it hasn’t been fun.

I can’t believe that school ends next week. I guess it ends this week. But one day of finals a week from Tuesday. Then packing and back to Texas. It’ll definitely be bittersweet. I have so much undone business that I’ll bring back with me to Texas but hopefully I’ll find a way to get all of it finished. And moving twice or three times during the summer won’t help. This’ll be one of the busiest summers I can remember because of everything that’s going on.